Saturday, November 1, 2008

Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

It is that time again! We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the 8th semi-annual Great Cloth Diaper Hunt! How does the GCDH work? It is simple! You register at . Then you visit all the participating sponsor sites and hunt for the Diaper Decisions diaper, to earn entries to the 65 random prize drawings, including Two Grand Prizes and one Ultimate Grand Prize! For more details about this great event, please visit the Rules and FAQ pages. Your first hint is located on this page. Happy hunting!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Haiti New Mom Bundles Project

For a while now we have been considering the start of a cloth diaper charity in Maine much like Miracle Diapers. One of the mamas I know puts together New Mom Bundles for mothers in Haiti. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause. I am pasting info on her project below.

“My next project for Haiti will be on Saturday, July 26. I'm having a shower to collect the items to make bundles for new moms. These will go to three clinics and a women's program in Haiti.
Items do not have to be new. The bundles consist of a receiving blanket, a t-shirt/onesie, three cloth diapers, a pair of vinyl pants and set of diaper pins.

This morning as I put together my first New Mom Bundle for Haiti, which will be my sample for showers and such, I did some math. Here is what I came up with:

A cloth diaper from WalMart costs $1

A days wages in Haiti cost $1

If you figure a days wages in the US based on an 8 hour work day at $7/hr. (American Poverty) that translates to $56.

Would you be able to afford diapers if you had to pay $56 a piece for them?4 diaper pins or 1 pair of vinyl pants cost about the same as one cloth diaper.

How about a simple three snap front t-shirt from Gerber?

Cost approximately $2.85

3 days wages in Haiti $3

Would you be able to spend three days wages ($168) for a single t-shirt?

A home made flannel receiving blanket $5

A weeks wages in Haiti $5

Would you be able to spend a weeks wages ($280) on a single flannel receiving blanket?

The total New Mom Bundle including the time to put them together and the cost of shipping them to Haiti will cost $15 and it may well be the only gift the mom receives to celebrate the arrival of her new baby.

3 weeks wages in Haiti $15

Would you spend 3 weeks wages ($840) on a single baby shower gift? How about $15? It made me realized how blessed I am as a "struggling" and "impoverished" single mother by American standards.”

If you can help or would like more information, please contact me.
Aimee Grimmel

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Harmony Art Organic Cotton Wrap PRESALE

If you pre-order an organic cotton wrap, you will save $20! Style options for pre-order are Lime Green and Surrender; our most popular choices from the contest (scroll down to see the fabric swatches). Limited quantities of pre-orders available so order soon!

Boo Bear Buns Organic Cotton Wrap in Wintery Stripes (not a Harmony Art fabric)

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Winner of the Organic Cotton Baby Carrier Contest!

The winner is: JoAnn Ehlinger! JoAnn is the mama to 5 girls, the fifth due late July :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's a Contest! Win an Organic Cotton Wrap, Ring or Pouch!

We decided to turn our "help us choose fabrics" plea into a contest! One person will win an Organic Cotton pouch, ring or wrap carrier (their choice)!!

Here's how to enter: Comment on the blog post about fabrics for the wrap carrier fabric, get one entry. Comment on the post about the ring/pouch fabric, get a second entry. Join our mailing list (over on the left) and get a third entry. Post a link to this blog post, or our contest banner (clickable please) on your blog or website, and get 2 more entries. That's 5 chances per person. Contest will end April 15th. A winner will be chosen and posted on here by April 27th.

Good luck :)

To add the banner to your site, save the banner to your harddrive, upload it to your blog/website, then hyperlink it with the following address: or email me for an html code. (Make sure you comment with the link so we can count your entries!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Help Us Pick New Organic Cotton Wrap Fabrics!

We also need your help deciding on fabrics for the organic cotton wraps! Do you like the fabrics below (any you really like, or really don't like) or do you prefer our striped fabrics, our current solids, or a mix?
Lime Green
Alphabet Soup

Help Us Pick New Organic Cotton Sling Fabrics!

Boo Bear Buns is expanding rapidly, and with the expansion, we are adding a consistent line of organic cotton fabrics for our baby carriers. We'd like to know which fabrics you like though! Which four of the fabrics below would you like to see in a pouch or ring sling? We will also offer 4 organic cotton solids to match the prints.
Fields of Honey

Uncomplicated (Twill, denim like fabric)


Whispering Grass

Whispering Grass BW

Stumps Speak w/ Words

Silent Stumps Speak

Sweet Jane

Eyes of the World

Let It Grow (twill, denim like fabric)