Saturday, July 12, 2008

Haiti New Mom Bundles Project

For a while now we have been considering the start of a cloth diaper charity in Maine much like Miracle Diapers. One of the mamas I know puts together New Mom Bundles for mothers in Haiti. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause. I am pasting info on her project below.

“My next project for Haiti will be on Saturday, July 26. I'm having a shower to collect the items to make bundles for new moms. These will go to three clinics and a women's program in Haiti.
Items do not have to be new. The bundles consist of a receiving blanket, a t-shirt/onesie, three cloth diapers, a pair of vinyl pants and set of diaper pins.

This morning as I put together my first New Mom Bundle for Haiti, which will be my sample for showers and such, I did some math. Here is what I came up with:

A cloth diaper from WalMart costs $1

A days wages in Haiti cost $1

If you figure a days wages in the US based on an 8 hour work day at $7/hr. (American Poverty) that translates to $56.

Would you be able to afford diapers if you had to pay $56 a piece for them?4 diaper pins or 1 pair of vinyl pants cost about the same as one cloth diaper.

How about a simple three snap front t-shirt from Gerber?

Cost approximately $2.85

3 days wages in Haiti $3

Would you be able to spend three days wages ($168) for a single t-shirt?

A home made flannel receiving blanket $5

A weeks wages in Haiti $5

Would you be able to spend a weeks wages ($280) on a single flannel receiving blanket?

The total New Mom Bundle including the time to put them together and the cost of shipping them to Haiti will cost $15 and it may well be the only gift the mom receives to celebrate the arrival of her new baby.

3 weeks wages in Haiti $15

Would you spend 3 weeks wages ($840) on a single baby shower gift? How about $15? It made me realized how blessed I am as a "struggling" and "impoverished" single mother by American standards.”

If you can help or would like more information, please contact me.
Aimee Grimmel