Sunday, February 24, 2008

Second Trimester, Finally

For the past couple days, I have felt less nauseated and had a bit more energy. I have been waiting for this! My belly has been growing a bit every day but it really popped out yesterday. My friend Emily has been taking pictures of my growing belly and as soon as she sends the ones she took at 9 weeks, I will post them here. We're taking 14 week photos this week. I don't have many from my first pregnancy, and none from the birth/first few days with me in them. We're not going to let that happen again!
A few nights ago, I felt the baby moving around. When I poke my tummy, the baby moves away. Since the baby is still low, my big belly isn't in the way when I lay down, so it's easy to feel the baby. I could feel the baby again last night. I hope that we can continue to spend a little time poking at each other each night after Aiden falls asleep. Speaking of which, it is that time again.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Second Appt w/ Alice

Tonight made this pregnacy even more definite! Although tests showed that I was definitely pregnant, and my belly has grown a little bit, being sick all the time does not seem like fair proof of the creation of life going on. During my visit with Alice, she showed me where the baby was "yes, that little bump is your baby" and we heard the baby's heartbeat! It was also a relief to hear that I am measuring in at 11 or 12 weeks since we were not sure of the date of conception. I didn't want to be too far off (birthing tub rental depends on due dates you know)! So it seems that the baby will be joining us sometime around August 25th.