Saturday, April 7, 2007

Pictures that I have been meaning to post...

Aiden playing at my Mom's. Too bad I don't have the patience to upload the videos of him head-butting the horses. It was hilarious!

Lovely view in No View Greenhouse! Mom has lettuce and spinach growing in one house and seedlings in another.
Look at those greens! Yum!
I made Aiden a fleece cover. All but a couple wool soakers were bought and are ruined. Why all the bulk? That's NOT a Boo Bear Buns diaper underneath, but one of the few I bought back in the days before Slings and Sacks.These were my Scooby toe socks. I cut off the toes and made an tank top that was never going to fit again into cuffs. Very cool!
Rambling side note: In high school I had a glow in the dark Scooby comforter and an orange Scooby lunch box (my school was not vegetarian friendly so packed lunch was a necessity). This was while I was living own my own mind you. Ah, the days of driving my friends around listening to CKY and punk. Video taping those sweet kick-flips and ollies. Wearing questionable tee shirts to school.

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