Friday, November 30, 2007


It's hard to believe that it has been 2 years since you were born, but then again, it often doesn't seem like there was life before you. To think back to times I fell asleep without you next to me, or got up in the morning without carefully rolling off the couch so I don't wake you, it doesn't seem real. Like a movie I saw, or a dream that is fading away.
A tiny portion of things I love about you:
You can always make me laugh, and you know it. You're such a little clown, making faces or goofy noises, or tickling my feet.
You love being outside and prefer to spend the entire day out in the yard running around with your dump truck, hitting trees with a stick or hammer, or peeling bark off trees.
You almost always have some sort of tool or "sword" in your hands. Screw driver or curtain rod, stick or rubber mallet. And you know how to use them. You'll walk over, tip your tricycle with one hand and start fixing it with your tools. I love watching you fix things.
Lately, you carry an army man with you everywhere.
You can figure out how anything works almost immediately. I have no idea how this just comes to you, but it does.
If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it. Your relentless determination can drive me crazy, but I admire that in you.
You come over to visit me on the computer for a quick sip of milk before going back to whatever you were doing.
You have gone from calling me "mum mum mum mum" to "muma" and now I'm just "ma".
When you want some milk, you come over and say "ma", sign milk with both hands, then say mo. How can a mama resist that?
When you point out body parts, you "beeeeep" belly buttons, nipples and noses :)
When you see someone you know outside, you bang on the window and say their name. When you see someone you don't know walking by, you wave and say "bye". I wish I could spell out bye the way you say it. So adorable.
You call spoons pooms and say beee for please (we never forced you to say please, you just started saying it on your own and we didn't know what you meant for a while). You also pronounce more mo. Yep, you are the cutest.

You ride the dogs whenever you catch one of them laying down.
You "roo" after Meisner, and it is so damn cute.
You adore Grampy (still call him "da" too) and love playing with him, especially at his house or when we go somewhere with him.
I still love your little fingers and little toes, even now that they are so much bigger than they were 2 years ago.
You are so big now, and you just keep getting bigger. I love you little man. Happy Birthday!