Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Belly Hugger

Fold down to keep cool on warmer days and wear it up while nursing to cover your postpartum belly. No need for expensive nursing shirts.

"Bridge the gap" between your pre-pregnancy shirts and jeans.

* Covers & keeps belly warm while nursing
* Soft cotton/spandex tube
* Wear under normal tops
* A great alternative to nursing shirts
* Looks like a layered T-shirt
* Available in a variety of sizes and colors

During Pregnancy
* Holds up unbuttoned pants before maternity clothes are needed
* Helps bridge the gap between your regular shirts and pants (lessen the need to buy special maternity T-shirts)

Invented by Moms, Tested by Moms, Produced by Moms, Made for Moms.


Amber said...

I have been talking about these with my mommy friends. Glad you started making them. Now I know where to send them ;)

angelique said...

GREAT idea. I really love it. I hope I will need some soon. :-)

Slings and Sacks said...

I don't make them. The mom's at Belly Hugger do. I just sell them :)
Angelique - Good luck with needing some soon!

carina said...


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