Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Day in the Life of Aiden Part 1

Years from now I want my blog to be yet another place that Aiden can go to see pictures of himself as a baby, and read what he was up to back then. Therefore, I have decided to write a day in the life of Aiden posts to give an idea of what it's like to be a 20 month old Boo Bear. Based mostly on today.

Aiden nurses off & on all morning, but almost always at 6:30. He occasionally gets up after, but often falls back to sleep for an hour or so. When he gets up, he usually talks a little bit, then comes to find me. If I am on the computer, he'll come over and nurse again. I sing him a good morning song. He gets down and starts playing with whatever is nearest to him. I make him some breakfast, or give him some of mine if I got a head start on eating. This morning we watched an episode of Fraggle Rock. After he is done eating, he gets down and plays some more. This is the time of day that he starts getting really chatty. Words like "bugna", "dogna", bird, kitty, boat, bike, bite, outside, boo boo and choo choo mix in with lots of "Aiden speak". He spends a lot of time looking outside and pointing things out. Especially bikes. If I take too long getting ready, he'll look for something to put on. After getting frustrated with the shirt or shoe, or whatever he's found, I always give in. If spending time outside (we do most days) we lather him with sunblock and a little bug stuff. I follow him around the house with my hands covered in sunblock, trying to remember which leg or arm I did last. He often screams during this. I'm not sure why, I would love to have someone rub lotion on me each day :) It's one of the things that we do regardless of his protests. Kind of like the next step, brushing his teeth. He used to love it but I have to almost force the toothbrush in his mouth some days. Aiden will run over to the couch and climb up. We get him dressed and put his shoes on. Now we must move quickly or more protesting will commence. We take Summer outside and hook her at her dog house, and watch Meisner sniff out the animals that came around the night before. Today we checked on the lilac and forsythia trees we planted out front and watered the flowers. We cut some mallow flower, tiger lilies and hosta flowers for the dining room. Then we checked out some mushrooms growing in the moss, looked at the different types of moss growing up the trees and talked about the bee bugnas that were flying in and out of the flowers. All the while, I was singing the theme song to Fraggle Rock. In case you forgot: "Dance your cares away, worry's for another day. Let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock." After lots of running around and hitting things with a hammer & a stick, we came inside to eat again. Afterward we played on the couch. Lots of tickling, laughing, hiding under the blanket, yoga (downward facing dog) and somersaults. No one can make me laugh like Aiden can. I love this kid so much. More nursing and a nap come next. 4 hours down, 9 to go.

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