Thursday, July 19, 2007

*deep breath* Ah, I'm Back

After a very long time away, we are finally back (note that it has been nearly a month, not 2 weeks as expected). I'll try to get into the story of the lead paint "removal" fiasco later on. Just wanted to drop by with a quick update. Got lots of work to catch up on with a Festival coming up in a couple weeks.

As an aside, I have finally taken the plunge and hired a friend to watch Aiden for 4 hours a couple days per week so I can work straight through. It may seem counter productive to some, however I really can not go any longer without more help. Until I figure out how to hire a contractor to help with the sewing (and trust someone else to put as much time and positive energy into my products), this is a luxury of sorts that I must indulge in. I've got more work than time, and so many opportunities for more sales. The spare room has been set up as a make shift studio, and tomorrow I will be plugging away. Woo hoo!


Angelique said...

So happy to see you're back. I think it is GREAT that you got someone to help you with Aiden. It is much easier to be more product when you have a set time that you can work and in the end it will help you spend even more quality time with Aiden.

Amber said...

Welcome back! Funny I just got back to blogging Go checkout why on my blog ;) Sounds like business is booming for you...congrats. KIT Amber

Melissa said...

I just found your blog while browsing the unschoolers ring. Aiden is so cute :) your work is great! I also live in Maine (Phippsburg). Nice to meet you!