Sunday, August 26, 2007

Being Neglectful Again

I know, I know. I'm neglecting the blog again. Whenever my husband is home, I literally have to fight him to get the computer. He can play Vanguard for 8+ hours straight! That is not the only thing keeping me from the blog, aside from the usuals, I have began looking into starting a diaper service. I had thought about it when Aiden was tiny, but after his surgery (which I don't believe I have ever mentioned on here because it's such a long story), the idea was pushed aside. The service area would be about a 20 mile radius from me here in Mexico, Maine. I'm compiling numbers and info at this time (big thanks to Sara at Organic Caboose for all the contact info!) and meeting with the River Valley Growth Council this Wednesday and then the SBA soon thereafter. This endeavor will start right! None of that year's worth of trial and error. Did you know that even at around $20 per week, a diaper service is still cheaper than disposables? Not to mention the countless other benefits of using cloth!

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