Monday, August 6, 2007

Our Second Fairy House

When catching up with Grace's blog last week, I was totally inspired by the fairy tea party her family creates on Solstice. I love the idea of creating a party for the fairies held every year, and we will be doing that next year. After the Garden Party, we planned to build a fairy house in our backyard. We had even saved a shell to use for fairy food. The night I read her post, we ventured out into the trees that surround our yard. We found a particularly fine spot where two trees were joined at the base, leaving a hole that fills with water in the middle. A fine fairy pool, or hot tub these days. We immediately set to work on the house, using y sticks to hold stick for the roof. We then covered it with oak leaves and set up an acorn table & chairs inside. I managed to get a few pictures before Aiden's determination to put every stick within his reach on the roof got the best of it. I'm sure the fairies still enjoy their new home, despite it's structural flaws.

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