Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bubbly Magnets Craft Project

Looking for an easy project for solstice/Christmas presents? Jump over to The Mother Load for instructions on making easy bubbly magnets. I recently bought some of these off Etsy for solstice and birthday presents, and knew they were easy to make, just didn't know what to use for glue! I'll be making some magnets this year!
Another suggestion, use a domino with the picture on the front for a rectangular magnet. I find these even cuter because the picture is so clear.
Happy Crafting!


Amy said...

Thanks so much for the link! I hope you can make some of these for your family. My son loves to line them up and just count them :)

I appreciate the link!!

Angelique said...

I LOVE these magnets! I made these about two Christmas' ago for my co-workers. I put a set of magnets in a little tin container and added a matching circle to the top of the tin. They loved them. They also make a great marketing tool...I used my logo for the magnet and would put them in with my orders.
I must say I chuckled at her "Eat Your Heart out Martha" since it was Martha's magazine that I found the 'how to' on these a few years ago. Kinda funny... :-)