Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday - Flylady

My friend Joni and I are doing the flylady routine now. The cool thing about it is that you start super slow, with baby steps, so you don't get burnt out. The point of it is that you make a little change each day which turns into a habit. We both did some crisis cleaning yesterday, although we were not planning for guests, we needed to really tackle our houses while we could! I spent at least 6 hours cleaning. What a difference! And it feels good to go to bed with a shiny sink, and I know it will make me smile in the morning :) (Read more about it and you'll understand, as that is the first step.)
Aiden and I also went apple picking as our first Western Maine Mother's Center outing. It was fun to get out with some other families. And the weather was gorgeous! In fact, it was too hot considering that we were not dressed for summer weather.
Although I have not officially announced it, Slings and Sacks is now Boo Bear Buns. If you have not been to my new website, check it out! Jeff at Snowfyre did a wonderful job on it. He's still got a little more work to do so check back often as it gets better and better!

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