Monday, October 8, 2007

I really did try to post a couple times but...

Blogger wouldn't let me log on! It's working now so I'll catch anyone up who's interested: Aiden and I started Music Together classes. They're awesome and we're having lots of fun every Wednesday night.
My diaper service business plan will be completed this week. I go for funding next week. Wish me luck!
The Western Maine Mother's Center was founded. I am one of the 4 founding members, and the treasurer. That venture is very exciting! I'll post links once they are ready!
My website revamp is nearly finished. I'm working with Jeff from Snowfyre, and highly recommend him for anyone looking for a designer!
Aiden and I got haircuts today. Aiden's had his hair trimmed a couple times, but this is his first real cut. He's so big now! My hair's a lot shorter, and I like it!

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