Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And the winner is...

Christy from Sapphire Stitches not only choose a name that I love, she made me a label! So, what name did she come up with you ask? Itsa Greener Clean. I didn't use her label in the end (I went with a simpler, all black label) but it's the thought that counts! Check out her store later; she just had a baby but she'll be stocking it soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered a name! I liked them all, but many were already in use or had suds in the name (it's suds free :) Itsa Greener Clean spoke to me, and it's wasn't trademarked.

Itsa Greener Clean is $1 off right now, and can be found here and here. It will be in a few brick and mortar stores soon as well.

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angelique said...

That's a great name!!