Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mattress Wrapping - 100% Reduction in SIDS

Have you heard of mattress wrapping? I had not. Well, if you've got a little one, or you care about the health or you and your family, you certainly should read this. Since 1994, mattress wrapping has been 100% successful in the prevention of SIDS or crib death. Yeah, 100%. It's based on the toxic gas "theory". "The theory states that toxic nerve gases permeate from all used mattresses: crib, bassinet, adult mattresses and even sofa cushions. The gases are created when fungus grows inside the mattress (or foam) and eats certain elements in the mattress, including phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony. Babies, especially those sleeping on their stomachs, breathe in the toxic nerve gases, which results in crib death, or SIDS."
Although I disagree with them advising against co-sleeping, their site is very informational. Some other methods of prevention are to avoid fabric softeners and clean with natural cleaners (Itsa Greener Clean found here and here covers that), to become educated about vaccination, breastfeed, do not smoke, and expose baby to fresh air whenever possible. More information on SIDS can be found at Ask Dr Sears.
We are looking into a way to cover the old mattress Jon sleeps on and the couch Aiden and I share. (Yeah we sleep on the couch, if your mattress was as old and springy as ours, you would too!)
Thanks to All Natural Mommies for the original post.

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