Sunday, March 25, 2007

Maine Maple Sunday

Maine Maple Sunday could not have fallen on a more beautiful day. The Grimmel family ventured over to Peru, ME (a 10 minute drive) to check out Thurston's Sugarshack. I so greatly miss making maple syrup. I enjoyed explaining the process to my husband and one of the many old friend's from school we ran into. I could not narrow the pictures down, so I apologize if you have dial up!

These Valiant Steeds were the highlight of Aiden's day. He doesn't have much interest in Grammy's horses (although Mac loves him, and sniffs him every time they meet). I could not believe how many people came and went while we were there. These beauties had quite a day pulling us all to and from the sugarhouse.

Their sugarshack. Inside were new and antique tools of the trade, and my favorite, a maple tree with it's rings marked with the year they represent. Above that was a time line of what historical events during that one tree's lifetime. I think the first ring was 1800. It was before Lincoln became president. Ice cream was made, and served with maple syrup. Yum!

Checking out the snow with Daddy.

Throwing Snow

Didn't want a picture taken with Mum, just wanted to know what the heck was making all that noise (generator in the old sugarhouse behind us).

On the ride home. Oh yeah, he's playing with the block!

Playing outside after we got home. Stepped in a land mine and fell in the mud. Ah, spring is here.

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