Thursday, March 15, 2007


Between the new site and custom order slings, I have been busy. My mother has been a huge help. She has cut out so many diaper, wipe and nursing pad pieces that I am beginning to wonder whether I can complete them all! She has also helped with the formulation and testing of my new products. Very soon, natural laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaners will be available on!

The story: I was quite excited when the family from Maine who makes natural laundry detergents and cleaners agreed to me selling their products on my site. I was equally as disappointed to find, through personal experience and that of other retailers, that they are unreliable. My passion for natural cleaning products drove me to create a detergent. (I in no way copied their detergent, or any other. The formulation is my own.) I am even more pleased to find that my products out clean the other natural products I had been using.

**The contest: Come up with an original name for my natural detergents and cleaning products. Send it to with "name contest" in the subject line. If I choose the name you have come up with, I will send you a free 16 load bag of detergent. Contest closes whenever I decide :) **

Some more info that may help: Products are free of phosphates, biodegradable, safe for sensitive skin, suds free, and do not contain any sodium lauryl sulfate or dyes. All scents are created using essential oils.

The small print stuff: By sending me a name idea, you release all rights regarding that name, and any variance of it, to Slings and Sacks to use at our discretion. The free bag of detergent will be mailed in the cheapest way possible, therefore it may take a couple weeks or longer (depending on the postal service and where you live) before you receive the product.

I'll post some pictures soon (I know, I said that a week ago). I made Aiden a pair of pants from corduroy my mother used when I was a wee one. And the new flannel front diapers, nursing pads and wipes are un-fricken-believably cute. The old Euro-Pro machine I have been using is in need of a new foot control so I have switched to a Singer that we're guessing is from the 60's. Alright, back to adding bath & body products to the site, only after messing with threading a bobbin on the old singer. But first, off to my weekly visit/cleaning spree with my favorite person in the world besides Aiden, my Gram. Ever noticed how much easier it is to clean someone else's home?


Sparkle-Rama said...

hope you pick my idea...i think it would be perfect!

LemonCadet said...

Your product sounds amazing. I'll be sending you some ideas!