Monday, June 11, 2007

Fieldstone Gardens - A Day of Enchantment

The 10th annual Garden Party, "A Day of Enchantment" at Fieldstone Gardens in Vassalboro, Maine is this Saturday, June 16th. Special guest Tracy Kane, artist and author of "The Fairy House Series", will offer 2 two-hour workshops at 9:30am and at 1:00pm. Kane will read aloud from her book Fairy Houses and then accompany children and their adults into the pine forest at Fieldstone Gardens to help build a "Fairy House Village". Children are encouraged to dress as fairies, butterflies or dragonflies. Kane will be available for a book signing at mid day. Aiden (dressed as a wood nymph) and I will be there, so please stop by the Slings and Sacks/Blessed Baby booth and say hi! For more information on the event, visit .
Hope to see you there!

Getting ready for this event and completing orders has kept me busy lately. I will be sure to post pictures of my little wood nymph. His outfit is nearly done, I just need to sew the elastic into his pants, sew leaf jewels onto his shirt and pants, add a hanger to his wings for form and sew the wings to his shirt.

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onemotherslove said...

Hi! Nice to meet you in blogland! I found you via your Etsy store while researching cloth diapers. I'll go check our your website next, but wanted to say hi first! : )