Saturday, June 2, 2007

Skin Deep

This site is really awesome: Skin Deep, the Environmental Working Group's cosmetics database . I initially found their link in Mothering Magazine maybe a year ago, and I am so very glad I did. You can search their site for specific products you use, ingredients, or for the safest products available. I sat down with all of the products my family uses and looked them up. Then I printed a list of the safest items (you can do that too), threw out a bunch, and headed to the local health food store to stock up on safer products. It's wonderful knowing that I am not bombarding Aiden with harsh, cancer causing, toxic chemicals! Before I buy any new products, I always check Skin Deep to see how it rates, and you really should too! You'll be surprised by how dangerous many of the products people use on their babies are.

A quick hint: never use Baby Magic products; they rank the highest in many categories.


angelique said...

Good info..thanks. So many people look for food without chemicals but forget their skin is just as important. I make most of my skin care products. I even make my husbands shaving cream and aftershave. I've thought about selling them but not sure yet. It's a bit harder with all natural products since the shelf life is shorter.

Amber said...

Good information. I remember awhile back they talked about the plastic bottles containing cancer causing chemicals. I won't even microwave food in/on plastic anymore.

Slings and Sacks said...
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