Saturday, January 20, 2007

Anyone want to help me sew?

I've been busy since my fleece arrived. I tried limiting my time on the computer (easier said than done) and I have worked diligently, but there is so much more to do. For some reason my serger is not cooperating. Anyone want to lend a hand? Maybe just keep Aiden off the table while I work?
Heading to Lewiston tomorrow so Jon's Aunt Evie can meet Aiden. Bad timing but we could both use a trip out of the house! Hopefully his family's negative energy will not bring me down. I did convince Jon to go grocery shopping while there. I love the plethora of organic and vegetarian foods I find outside the local grocery stores. When the Connections Co-op is up and running in Dixfield, I won't have to go far.
Alright, enough one handed typing for tonight. Going to lay down with my little, naked butt nursling :)
Here's some Aiden for ya.

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