Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Blue Batik Ring Sling

I wanted to keep this sling for myself, but I decided that I cannot keep every sling that I like. I'd have about 15 by now because most of what I make is what appeals most to me. I love the blue batik fabric!

Ring slings are so versatile. They are one size fits all so you will really only need one sling, although I like to have a pouch sling around too. I like to mix it up. Back to my point, you can use this sling regardless of any changes in weight you may experience. I personally gained A LOT of weight during my pregnancy (bed rest will do that to you) so I would have gone through 3 sizes of pouch slings by now. My ring sling got me through until I got closer to my pre-pregnancy size. Plus Grammy, Daddy, big brother/sister and any other caregiver can wear your sling while caring for baby. The tail is also great for discreet breastfeeding, if you're into that kind of thing :) (I do it right out in the open. Aiden will not be covered and I feel like I am making a positive statement about the wonderful things I am doing for my son, and hopefully helping to make breastfeeding less taboo.)

For more info on ring slings and baby wearing, click on the link above. It's all in the listing!

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Amanda said...

Great Post! I love ring slings...I carried our youngest son in one constantly from the minute we picked him up in Taiwan(adopted 07/206). He was a year old and pretty heavy but it was no problem in a sling. There is nothing like wearing your babe to promote attachment/security! I am always drawn to the clean lines of the pouch but really like the ring style best.
Your slings are beautiful!