Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What have I been up to?

I look around and see that I have not gotten that much done. Where has all of my time gone? I spend way too much time in the forums on Etsy for one :) To get more work done, I stay up after Aiden goes to bed. Nothing abnormal about that; lots of moms do it. But here's the kicker, Aiden goes to bed around 11! I'm up until after midnight every night now. At first it was just here and there. Now I can't even fall asleep sooner if I try! I do get my sleep in most days though. I wake up after 8 most mornings! I never used to sleep much past 7.
So, I started and finished a custom ring sling on Monday. That was wonderful. Then today (I guess that would be yesterday now) I finished 2 diapers to mail out tomorrow (and that would be today). I also helped a friend who lost her job set up her own shop. It's . I took all her pictures and help get everything up and running. I did it for free when I should have been working myself, but I am proud of how it turned out so I don't feel too guilty about it.
I spent way too much time not getting anywhere with some paperwork I've been trying to complete. I guess that's life. I also wrote a rather lengthly email/vent to my poor friend Amber. Sorry you had to read all that at once:)
Oh well, it is a new day now. I'm sure I can get more done today. If I tell myself that everyday, it's bound to happen sometime, right?

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Amber said...

You've been busy! I hear you on the night owl Caden has been known to stay up till 2am at times. It's our fault for staying up and not making a bedtime for him ;) I'm here for ya, Amber