Sunday, January 28, 2007

It feels much better in here

My mom came over on Thursday and helped clean the house. We got this place in tip top shape, which didn't last long, but it still feels much better in here. We also moved furniture around. The hutch that was in the dining room, aka craft room, was moved to the living room. It suits that room, especially with the dark red against the brown walls. Now I am craving curtains dyed that color... Oh, and we moved our "new" computer desk into the dining room, thanks Jean! Aiden shook the old desk one too many times and it's keyboard shelf thingy gave out, so typing has been very uncomfortable lately. Add lots of entries to our general ledgers, and I am feeling somewhat better.

Now I need to get some more diapers made, although I am nearly out of fabric again, and don't have enough money to buy more. Uh oh! Hopefully I sell some slings! I will be adding some custom sized pouch slings this week.

I was going to end there, but I'm in the blogging mood (because I am avoiding anything resembling work) so I will continue.

Here is what I had for lunch. Yummy! I love Mexican food! Start with organic romaine lettuce, add tortilla chips (we were out of blue). The brown stuff there is Morning Star Farms recipe crumbles, known as grillerburg in this house. Warm that up in a skillet with taco seasoning and some red onions. Add some taco sauce, or my favorite, organic Pace salsa. Missing from the photo are the two best features, avocado and cheese.Now this picture may look like a yard stick and car shade, but if you use your imagination, you will see that they are actually the swords Aiden and I play with throughout the day. Sword fights are the coolest!

And here is my little one with a Stonyfield organic peach yogurt mustache! He loves their drinkable yogurt as well.
Thanks for putting up with my looonnngg post!

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Amber said...

Love that paint color! What a cute picture of Aiden.