Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You may not hear from me...

for a few days. I am taking a break to get the house organized and get some tax prep done. I had a bunch of paperwork entered for both SaS's and Jon's business, then the program crapped out. Damn technology! So I am starting over. Just wanted you all to know why I haven't posted, and may not again, for a couple days.
Just to catch everyone up, I am now the treasurer of Connections Ag Cooperative.
The website hasn't been updated with our current undertakings and the new name, but I am excited that the project is coming together. I have also been getting involved with Discovery Democratic School. We may be opening this fall! If you don't know what a Democratic school is, I like to think of it as unschooling in a group atmosphere. Look it up, they are all over the world.
Have a wonderful week!


M.Anderson said...

Hi! Being a fellow etsian and Mainer I had to check out the links. The Connections information looks really interesting and I love the cooperative farming and payment way. However on my computer the words were all mushed together and not very user friendly. The webdesigner my want to do something with that. I have bookmarked it to look back later. Is the school based on the Waldorf methods?

Slings and Sacks said...

I noticed that the Connections site doesn't show up well with Firefox but it's fine when I open it in Explorer. The project is taking some interesting turns and getting lots of support so check back again soon.
The school isn't based on Waldorf methods. It is an environment where everyone has equal say in the operation of the school. Everyone being students, teachers, sometimes parents. We haven't hammered out all the details yet but it is an exciting project, and unique to the area.